Atmospheric Microalgae Of Aurangabad City (M.S.)

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Dept. of Botany,
Sir Sayyed College, Roshan Gate, Aurangabad -431 001. (M.S.) INDIA.

Microalgae is one of the important biocomponent of atmosphere. Aerophycological survey has been conducted in order to isolate the various microalgal forms from the atmosphere of Aurangabad city. The experiments were conducted for one year from August 2005 to July 2006. Air samples were collected by exposing petriplates containing agarized Bold's basal medium (BBM), twice in a month. The duration of exposure was normally of two hours. A total of 24 samples were obtained spanning one year. Microalgal forms belonging to Cyanophyceae, Chlorophyceae and Bacillariophyceae were cultured and identified. Members of Cyanophyceae dominated aerial microalgal flora. Among Cyanophyceae Aphanothece, Phormidium, Plectonema, Scytonema, Nostoc, Calothrix, Gloeocapsa, and Lyngbya were most dominant. Chlorophyceae was represented by Ankistodesmus, Chlorella, Chlorococcum, Gloeocystis and Trebouxia whereas Bacillariophyceae was represented by Gomphonema, Hantzschia and Nitzschia. Most of the microalgal forms recorded in the present investigations are highly allergenic to human beings.

Key words : Atmosphere, Microalgae.