Antioxidant Activity Of Some Plants From Family: Apiaceae ( Umbelliferae)

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Botany Department, Wilson College

Plants are a rich source of secondary metabolites. Amongst them, antioxidants are of particular interest to medicinal science as they can help fight serious diseases like cancer. Identification of plants that are rich source of antioxidants is therefore very useful towards development of new drugs. The present paper deals with a study of antioxidant levels in various plants belonging to family Apiacea (Umbelliferae) and results of investigation carried out in Apium graveolens(leaves and petiole), Carum copticum, Foeniculum vulgare, Cuminum cyminum and Anethum sowa (Peucedanum graveolens, leaves and seeds) are presented here. An insight into their activity levels of antioxidant can give us an idea of the dietary uptake and their further use in medicine .The AOX levels (antioxidant) were determined using ABTS and DPPH radical methods against standard Vitamin E available as Trolox. TEAC values of the extracts from different plant parts were also calculated and conclusions drawn for their potential use.