Application of floral colouring matter from Alstonia scholaris to fabric

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Department of Botany, St. Xavier s College, Mumbai
* Head, Dept. of Textile and Fibre Processing Technology, MUICT, Matunga
** Ph.D. student, Dept. of Textile and Fibre Processing Technology, MUICT, Matunga.

The flowers of A. scholaris were found to yield yellow flavonoid colouring matter, which can be applied to cotton and woollen fabric, as a dye.
The current study aimed at observing the variation of the strength of the colour produced on cotton and woollen fabric with variation in conditions such as; the pH of dyeing solution, the concentration of colouring matter solution and the concentration of the mordanting solution. The light fastness and wash fastness of colour on the fabrics dyed under different conditions were also assessed. Some native Indian tribes are known to have used the bark of A. scholaris as a source of a yellow dye 2 to colour cotton fabric.

1. The Society of Dyers and Colourists, Britain; Standard Methods for the Determination of Colour fastness of Textile and Leather. [MUICT Library]