Prof. P.V. Bole

Prof. P.V. Bole was a former Head of Botany Department and Director of Blatter Herbarium, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He was born and brought up in Saurashtra. He was among the 1st batch of M.Sc. by papers started by University of Mumbai and stood 1st at the university exam. After his Post Graduation, he worked in B.S.I., Pune for 1 year and then joined St. Xavier’s College in 1959 at the request of Fr. H. Santapau. He was an internationally reputed and renowned Taxonomist. He was Chairman, Board of Studies in Botany, University of Mumbai. He was President of BNHS Mumbai. He was the editor of ‘ Charak Samhita’ (7 volumes). He was a consultant Botanist to Hindustan Lever Ltd; Cieba Gayagi of India and Himalayan Drug Company, Mumbai. He was Botanical Advisor to Merck India Ltd, Haffkine Institute, Mumbai and BASF Mumbai. He was a WHO consultant for some time in Sri Lanka’s Primary Health Programme. He was guiding light for several students suggesting and supervising their Post Graduate studies in the field of plant taxonomy, ethnobotany and pharmacognosy. He has more than hundred scientific publications which have received international acclaim. Even at the age of 82 he was actively involved in field work in Botany.