Flora of Maharashtra – Vol 1

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This book is the first out of the five volumes published by the author on the floristic wealth of Maharashtra. The book is based on Bentham & Hooker’s system of classification of flowering plants, which is used in all major herbaria in India.




The book comprises 600 pages and accounts for 614 species and intraspecific taxa belonging to 62 Natural Orders or families – from Ranunculaceae to Connaraceae. Within the families information such as

  •  key to species,
  • original reference and earlier citations of each species and intraspecific taxa,
  •  known synonymy,
  • descriptions of species and lower taxa,
  • flowering phenology, ecological notes,
  • distribution in Maharashtra and
  • nomenclatural notes (wherever necessary) are given.

It contains 143 plates of illustrations of which 30 have coloured photographs.

Introduction to the volume comprising nearly 100 pages deals at length with the past botanical history and the vegetation of Maharashtra. The nomenclature in the book is brought up-to-date in accordance with International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. A number of new names have been proposed in fulfilment of International Botanical Rules. A bibliography of commonly cited references and indices to botanical and common names are given separately at the end of the book.

The book is very useful for botanists, foresters, horticulturists, bio-chemists, ayurvedic practitioners, college and university teachers and students as well as common people, alike.


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