Flora of Maharashtra – Vol 2

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This book is the second out of the five volumes published by the author on the floristic wealth of Maharashtra. The book is based on Bentham & Hooker’s system of classification of flowering plants, which is used in all major herbaria in India for housing the herbarium specimens.




This second volume of Flora of Maharashtra contains 850 species (as compare to in the first volume) consisting of 228 genera belonging to 35 families. As already mentioned in the first volume the arrangement of the families Fabaceae (Papilionaceae) to Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) is according to Bentham & Hooker’s system of classification (1873) with adoption of narrow family concepts accepted by taxonomists in Blatter Herbarium. The nomenclature, as far as possible, has been brought up-to-date in accordance with the rules of International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Edition 1994), including the names of the families. The aggregated Leguminosae comprises the major bulk of the text of this volume, which contains almost 50% of the materials consisting information on 460 species. Leguminosae is of prime importance being the source of pulses to mankind and yielding fodder to animal world.


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